Jason’s father was a national level track and field athlete. When Jason was young, father guided him in various trainings such as running, high jump, and throwing, so Jason has strong athletic abilities. Jason's physical fitness test scores have been almost all perfect. He is a key player in the school sports competition and once he participated in a 12000 meter off-road race at the age of 10, winning first place in the children's group.

Sailing is Jason's favorite sport. He has qualified as a fourth-class sailor and won a number of smaller races. Jason suffered a severe cut on his calf during a training ession, but that didn't dampen his love of sailing. At this moment, we are discussing transoceanic sailing with our friends who live in Canada.
Championship: National Children's Soccer Invitational Tournament In 2021, Jason represented the Club in the 18th National Children's Soccer Invitational Tournament of "Wanhua Cup", and a total of 74 teams from all over the world participated in this competition. In the U12 category where Jason is engaged in, Qingrong soccer team finally won the championship of the match. Jason played as left-back and scored wonderful goals.
Practice Throwing Shot Put Jason has practiced throwing javelin, shot put and solid balls. He has good coordination and promotes a combination of coordination and strength through throwing training. At the school sports match, there was no throwing competition, and he finished second in the pull-up event.
Practice Basketball