Kindness of the mind, a healthy body, and a strong sense of curiosity are the most important qualities in a child's growth. Luckily, Jason had the genes and grew up to be a healthy, sunny boy. He is strong and courageous, loves to explore, is kind to others, is good at teamwork, and is adaptable.

Charity Course: African Wildlife
Jason and his younger brother are often involved in charity activities. For example, in 2020, he and his brother produced two courses for public welfare foundations. Jason is presenting on “African Wildlife”. These lesson videos are shown in some rural Chinese primary schools.
Cook and Enjoy the Foods
Jason has a strong ability to survive independently, and his parents have given him and his younger brother many opportunities and training for independent growth. Jason can cook dozens of dishes. He and his brother have been traveling, camping, and exploring since childhood, and they need to find and make foods on their own. They have been to many places domestically and internationally, and are able to get along well with people from different cultural backgrounds.
Drifting on the sea
On September 30, 2023, Jason and his younger sister were drifting in the Bohai Sea. He and his younger brother made a boat together, which took over a month. Due to the cold weather and wind, there was no other tourist at sea, and the ocean currents was relatively turbulent, safety was a serious issue. Therefore, they wear life jackets, and Jason took care of his sister very carefully. He is a brave and responsible boy.
Boating with Younger Brother