Jason has a strong curiosity about new things, especially in the field of science, i.e. mathematics, physics, and biology. In particular, he has a super hands-on ability from a very young age. He often locks himself in his room for days and always ends up with a surprising piece of technology. Since about the beginning of junior high school, he has cooperated with father to run Wisom Education Co together. He is mainly in charge of STEM, and have completed the design and development of a number of projects with considerable difficulty.

Panoramic Camera: Principle, Producing and Supply Chine In March 2023, Jason and his brother visited and practiced at three factories located in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. Each of them made a panoramic camera by themselves and completed inspection and testing. These factories are all enterprises in his father’s portfolio. Jason and his younger brother not only tried production and testing themselves, but also learned relevant professional knowledge in optics, electronics, and computer graphics. In addition, the children also conducted research on the cost structure and supply chain of the product, and prepared financial models and industry research reports. Jason is also responsible for designing this process into an in-depth training program for middle school students.
Disassemble Laser Printer: Prepare At the end of 2021, Jason and his brother dismantled a laser printer. Dismantling seems simple, but a clear study of the structure and principle of the printer is required, resulting in a large workload that takes over a month. And, in order not to damage parts and structures, they need to use a variety of different tools and methods. Laser printers are typical opto electromechanical integrated equipment, which is an effective training for children's operational and research abilities. Jason plans to dismantle a large laser printer in the near future.
Disassemble Laser Printer: Structure The mechanical structure of the printer uses a large number of shafts, gears, bolts, screws, and brackets. The production of parts requires high-quality raw materials and very precise processing, so that the printer can complete thousands of prints without failure.
Disassemble Laser Printer: Principle Laser printer uses electrostatic photography technology. First, through the principle of corona discharge, the whole drum is negatively charged. When a laser illuminates a photoreceptor drum, the electrons disappear wherever they are illuminated, leaving a negatively charged image that needs to be printed. The positively charged toner is then delivered to the drum, and the toner is adsorbed onto the negatively charged image to complete the development. The same principle is used to adsorb the toner on the drum onto the paper to complete the transfer. Finally, the fixing is achieved by pressurized heating.
Disassemble Laser Printer: Disassembling Hands-on teardown is an interesting process. When dismantling, care needs to be taken not to cause damage to parts and structures. More importantly, when they disassemble, they need to verify the structure of the part with the principle of the printer being studied at any time.
Disassemble Laser Printer: Summary Through the study of the mechanical structure, it can be found that machinery is divided into power machines, transmission systems, and working machines. The design of the laser and the drum is very ingenious and very enlightening for the students' thinking. However, the principle of the electronic part is difficult to study through the disassembly process.
Build a Cardboard Castle for Little Sister In 2020, Jason and his younger brother plan to build a small house for their little sister to play with. They picked up a very suitable building material: a set of refrigerator cartons thrown away by a neighbor. The construction process of the castle was a lot of fun. They needed to design the shapes, find ways to connect different parts, and sometime they had to make some tools themselves. Through this project, they studied the ancient architecture of the West in a comprehensive way, from Ancient Egypt to Neoclassicism style. But unfortunately, when they moved the castle to the square of the community, it was soon completely destroyed by other children before they could take pictures.