Jason's academics are very strong, especially in mathematics, physics, and biology. He has taught himself high school and university mathematics courses in junior high school. He is an active thinker and enjoys discussing his ideas as well as academic topics with us. We built two small laboratories at home where Jason gained hands-on experience. One is for mechatronics, and the other is for chemistry and biology. On any given week, there are mechanical, electronic, and biological experiments carried out by him in our lab. As a result, his teacher often asks him to demonstrate for his classmates.

Honor Roll: America Mathematics Contest, 2023

Second Prize of Grade 5: National Contest of Exploring the Math, 2020

Second Prize of Grade 4: National Contest of Exploring the Math, 2019

First Prize of Grade 3: National Contest of Exploring the Math, 2018

Silver Prize: World Mathematics Team Championship, 2019

Second Prize A: Chinese Mathematics Star, 2021

Second Prize: Finals of the National Primary and Secondary School Essay Contest, 2019

Jason's experimental skills are outstanding, and his biological experiments have been praised many times by the teacher

TOEFL: Score, September 17, 2023

TOEFL: Highest section scores from all valid test dates as of October 25, 2023