Academic: GPA 4.0 (95+), AMC Honor Roll (5%), First Prize in Math Contests, TOEFL 100+......

Sports: Soccer, Sailing, Swimming, Tines......Championship of 18th National Children's Soccer Invitational Tournament "Wanhua Cup"

Science & Technology: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Architecture, Biology......

Experience: US, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malysia, Singapore, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt......

Others: Co-founder of Wisom Edu Co. Ltd, in charge of STEM and oversea tour......

AMC Honor Roll
First Prize
Math Contest

Jason Jing

Jason's academics are very strong, especially in mathematics, physics, and biology. He has taught himself high school and university mathematics courses in junior high school. He is an active thinker and enjoys discussing his ideas as well as academic topics with us. We built two small laboratories at home where Jason gained hands-on experience. One is for mechatronics, and the other is for chemistry and biology. On any given week, there are mechanical, electronic, and biological experiments carried out by him in our lab. As a result, his teacher often asks him to demonstrate for his classmates.

Jason holds sports and the arts on equal platforms. Influenced by his father, he has participated in various sports, such as running, swimming and skating. Team sports he enjoys are soccer and sailing. He is the absolute main force of the school soccer team and participated in the National Youth Invitation Tournament and won the championship scoring wonderful goals along the way.

Jason is kind-hearted and helpful. He likes to work on a team and gets along well with teachers and classmates. He often organizes students to play, forms study groups, and helps the whole class review for the final exam. Of course, his generous and gentle personality makes it easy for him to integrate into many school activities, but we still expect him to take on greater responsibilities as a leader, make greater contributions to society, and find happiness.


2021-present: The Branch of The High School of Affiliated to Renmin University of China
2015-2021: Zhongguancun No.2 Primary School

American Mathematics Competitions, 2023, Honor Roll (5%)
CET4 Sailor Test, 2022, Pass & Honor
18th "Wanhua Cup" National Children's Soccer Tournament, 2021, Champion
"Hua Mathematics Star" Youth Mathematics Conference, 2021, Grade A Award of Ground 2
"Hua Mathematics Star" Youth Mathematics Conference, 2020, Excellent (Second Prize) of Senior Group of Primary School
Hope Math Youth Club, Thinking Challenge, 2020, National Winner of Grade 5
Exploring the Wonderful Math Garden Intelligence Games, 2020, Silver Medal of Grade 5
Mathematics Garden Exploration Network Science Popularization Activity, 2020, "Climbing the Peak" Award (First Prize) of Senior Group of Primary School
The Mathematics League Contests in China, 2019-2020, Honor Roll of Grade 5
10th World Team Mathematics Championships, 2019, Silver Medal of Children's Individual
"Secret of Mathematics Garden" Research Summer Camp, 2019, Final Individual Competition, Silver Prize of Grade 4
28th "Ye Shengtao Cup" National Youth Writing Contest, 2019, Second Prize of Finals
23rd "Hua Luogeng Gold Cup" National Junior Mathematics Invitational Competition, 2018, Third Prize of Primary and Middle Grade
"Exploring the Secret of Mathematics Garden" Popular Science Activity (Spring Cup), 2018, First Prize of Grade 2
"Xueersi Cup" Mathematics Competition, 2017, The Second Prize of Grade Two Group
"Exploring the Secret of Mathematics Garden" Popular Science Activity (Spring Cup), 2017, First Prize of Grade 2
Drifting on the sea
On September 30, 2023, Jason and his younger sister were drifting in the Bohai Sea. He and his younger brother made a boat together, which took over a onth. Due to the cold weather and wind, there was no other tourist at sea, and the ocean currents was relatively
turbulent, safety was a serious issue. Therefore, they wear life jackets, and Jason took care of his sister very carefully. He is a brave and responsible boy.

Panoramic Camera: Principle, Producing and Supply Chine

In March 2023, Jason and his brother visited and practiced at three factories located in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. Each of them made a panoramic camera by themselves and completed inspection and testing. These factories are all enterprises in his father’s portfolio. Jason and his younger brother not only tried production and testing themselves, but also learned relevant professional knowledge in optics, electronics, and computer graphics. In addition, the children also conducted research on the cost structure and supply chain of the product, and prepared financial models and industry research reports. Jason is also responsible for designing this process into an in-depth training program for middle school students.

Build a Cardboard Castle for Little Sister In 2020, Jason and his younger brother plan to build a small house for their little sister to play with. They picked up a very suitable building material: a set of refrigerator cartons thrown away by a neighbor. The construction process of the castle was a lot of fun. They needed to design the shapes, find ways to connect different parts, and sometime they had to make some tools themselves. Through this project, they studied the ancient architecture of the West in a comprehensive way, from Ancient Egypt to Neoclassicism style. But unfortunately,

Championship: National Children's Soccer Invitational Tournament In 2021, Jason represented the Club in the 18th National Children's Soccer Invitational Tournament of "Wanhua Cup", and a total of 74 teams from all over the world participated in this competition. In the U12 category where Jason is engaged in, Qingrong soccer team finally won the championship of the match. Jason played as left-back and scored wonderful goals.

Practice Throwing Shot Put Jason has practiced throwing javelin, shot put and solid balls. He has good coordination and promotes a combination of coordination and strength through throwing training. At the school sports match, there was no throwing competition, and he finished second in the pull-up event.

Charity Course: African Wildlife Jason and his younger brother are often involved in charity activities. For example, in 2020, he and his brother produced two courses for public welfare foundations. Jason is presenting on “African Wildlife”. These lesson videos are shown in some rural Chinese primary schools.

Cook and Enjoy the Foods Jason has a strong ability to survive independently, and his parents have given him and his younger brother many opportunities and training for independent growth. Jason can cook dozens of dishes. He and his brother have been traveling, camping, and exploring since childhood, and they need to find and make foods on their own. They have been to many places domestically and internationally, and are able to get along well with people from different cultural backgrounds.